Shareholder Insurance


Shareholder Protection Insurance will protect you against the risks associated with the death, total disablement or serious illness of a business partner.Without shareholder protection insurance, you may find yourself in the situation of having to work with the beneficiary of your shareholder’s estate, who now has a say in how to run the business but may not necessarily have the skills or experience to do so. And what’s more you may not wish for them to be involved in the business! With shareholder insurance you will receive an agreed lump sum payment if another shareholder dies, becomes permanently disabled or suffers a serious illness, allowing you to maintain control of your business and have the guaranteed funds available to purchase the shares.




Key Person Insurance


Every business has ‘key people’ who are vital to the on-going success and future of the business. Should a key person in your business suffer from a critical illness or an accident and be unable to work and/or be totally and permanently disabled or die, it can seriously impact on the service levels provided to your customers, cause stress for your staff, and dramatically reduce your profit. Key person insurance will help reduce the financial strain and protect profits by funding replacement personnel or a percentage of revenue.




Debt Protection Insurance 


Debt protection and guarantee release cover ensures that you have the capacity to repay business debt in the event of your disablement, incapacity or death.  This means you, your family and your personal assets are not placed at risk because any personal liability or personal guarantee is not removed.





Business Expenses Insurance


Pays business expenses for a period of time if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury. If you’re a small business owner, your business is probably committed to costs that you would need to pay even if you’re not making as much money as usual. Business Expenses insurance can keep your business running smoothly while you’re sick.




ACC and Private Insurance


I can look at what ACC structure is best for you and how it works with your private income protection insurance. This can be set up to be more cost effective at times and give you a better overall outcome at claim time.

Business Insurance

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